Jetpack Presentation @ OSC 2010 Hokkaido

We (Daisuke Akatsuka & Gomita) gave a presentation on Jetpack to Open Source Conference 2010 Hokkaido which was held in Japan, on 26th June.

In the first part of the presentation, Daisuke talked about the concept of Jetpack and the history shifting from Jetpack Prototype to Jetpack Reboot. His talk was focused on the points that Jetpack makes the install and development of extensions easier, and is a technology which has a potential to “make your browser by yourself”.

In the second part, Gomita demonstrated an agile extension development using the Jetpack SDK and Add-ons Builder. The demo consisted of the following three parts; setup SDK, creating the simplest ‘Hello, World!’ extension, and creating more functional one named ‘Copy Title + URL’ with some standard APIs and my own Clipboard API.

Although we had little time to being asked questions, we felt that the presentation was an effective way to describe the possibility of the Jetpack technology for both users and developers who belong to various open source communities.


Jetpack —make your browser by yourself—
Jetpack SDK 0.5 Demonstration


Download complete package of ‘Copy Title + URL’ for Jetpack SDK 0.5
View source of ‘Copy Title + URL’ on Add-ons Builder Preview