Mailing List Manager

Welcome to our first release of the Mailing List Manager.

We started the Mailing List Manager add-on with a goal to help Thunderbird users find, organize, and manage messages from mailing lists. And as we’ve worked on it internally we feel like we’ve arrived at a pretty good milestone.

Now we need more help to make the mailing list manager a success. We’re looking to find issues with the current system, and answers to questions like:

  • Are all of your mailing lists being detected correctly?
  • Are your mailing list filters working?
  • Are you able to find all your mailing list messages again?

This and other feedback will help us evaluate how this feature should work inside Thunderbird and if this feature should be included by default.

We’ll keep you updated with other posts right here about the Mailing List Manager as we update it, so keep checking back. If you’ve installed the add-on you’ll see the updates come as they are available.

So go read more about the Mailing List Manager, install the add-on, and make sure to watch the intro video.