Mute Thread

One thing that has been requested over the years from Thunderbird users is the ability to mute an individual email thread, so that once you’ve decided you don’t care about a particular conversation, you don’t have to wade through more messages in it as they continue to arrive.

A Prototype

In order to provide relief to folks who don’t mind using something with rough edges, as well as to give interested developers a place to experiment, we’ve created a Mute Thread add-on prototype.

Mute Thread currently adds Ignore Thread and Ignore Sub-Thread menu entries to the Message menu for email messages, like Thunderbird already does with newsgroup messages.

Threads that have been ignored in the past can be reviewed using the View > Threads > Ignored Threads menu option.

What’s Next

We have ideas about how Mute Thread’s user-experience could evolve to be significantly better. But for that to happen, Mute Thread needs a developer or two to lead that charge. If you think this might be you, please let us know!

For installation, more information and a screen cast explaining the add-on, check out the Mute Thread project page.