Game On – Sound, Demo Code and Vlad’s WebGL Talk

While the Game On 2010 team is getting the first line-up of awesome judges ready, others are busy bringing you JS audio libraries, demo code for a retro 2D game and an overview of the powers of WebGL.

sfxr.js: Sound for Open Web Games

David Humphrey from Seneca College ported the SFXR library to JavaScript – giving you the powers of good old 8-bit tunes for your very own game. Check out his blog post and play with the library.

Example Code for an old-school RPG Map

Mozilla Labs’ very own Jono wrote an old-school RPG map in a few lines of JavaScript code and talks about ideas for you to hack on (based on his code) – read all about it on Jono’s blog (and get the source code)

WebGL Talk by Vladimir Vukicevic

Mozilla Principal Engineer Vladimir “Vlad” Vukicevic recently gave a talk about WebGL – Vlad has been instrumental in creating the WebGL standard. Watch his talk on “Bringing 3D to the Web” here – including microphone failure in the first few minutes.