Crowdsourcing Project: Conceptualising a platform for the Community Concepts channel

By Jan Dittrich, Roei Yellin & Abraham Taherivand

A guest post from one of our Crowdsource Crowdsourcing project teams who have spent the last few weeks tackling the Community Concepts channel. Below they describe their vision and thoughts for the ideal platform for this channel.


We want to enable the community to share and develop concepts. Therefore we see the need for an open innovation platform. The community will be motivated – among other things – by awarding great concepts and featuring the best concepts in the public.

The Platform

We want to establish a platform that enables the community to design concepts, share resources and processes as well as receive feedback to improve their submissions.

Each submission will be required to meet certain acceptance criteria which will be presented via a simple submission form. This ensures that the concepts have had some initial thought been put into them rather than a random scribbled down idea.


Like most communities active involvement should be rewarded. This could happen in multiple ways. We looked at reward systems in great depth during Phase 2 of the crowdsourcing project.

Ultimately though a unified reward system is needed which will sit on top of the larger unified platform for all channels of the Concept Series. This will undoubtedly enable and encourage cross activity amongst the channels.

Showcasing Concepts

Unique to this open innovation channel will be that great concepts are going to be featured in the public. Everybody can apply to be featured and have their concepts showcased.

Providing a platform for these concepts to be showcased is a great way to motivate and raise awareness of great ideas within the community. Exposing these concepts to a larger engaged audience will also help improve their:

  • feature sets
  • usability
  • interaction design
  • visual appearance


Remember, this channel is still an idea in incubation within the framework of the proposed evolution of the Mozilla Labs Concept Series.

We’d love to hear your thoughts – What would you like to see in an open innovation channel?