Mozilla Open Data Competition – 10 Days Left!

[Note: cross-posted on Mozilla Metrics]

Hello Data Hackers!

We just wanted to remind everyone that the submission deadline for the first Mozilla Open Data Visualization Competition is just 10 days away! Submit your entries by December 17th for a chance at a $300 Amazon gift card and a set of all 4 Edward Tufte books!

We’ve already received some great entries, and our panel of expert judges (Kevin Fox and Jinghua Zhang, Mozilla Labs; Hamilton Ulmer, Chris Jung and Blake Cutler, Mozilla Metrics) along with our partner judges (David Smith, Revolution Analytics; Andrew Vande Moere, Information Aesthetics) look forward to seeing the rest of the submissions!

Remember to visit the Official Competition Page for all the information you need, including how to download the data and enter the competition.

Good Luck!