Updates to F1, more accounts!

Today we’re releasing another update to F1 with some added features. For starters the settings page now opens in a  new tab, allowing for more room and easier configuration of your accounts. We’ve also added Yahoo Mail and Google Apps integration into F1. Lastly we’ve also implemented a couple user options:

  • Users can now enable or disable a keyboard shortcut for the F1 share panel – it seemed to make the most sense to use the F1 key for this! By default this is enabled, though it might not work for all keyboard configurations on OSX.
  • Users can choose to automatically bookmark the links they have shared. Shared links get grouped into unsorted bookmarks, and can be filtered to show only shared links by searching F1 in the bookmark manager. By default this setting is enabled.

Existing users should upgrade their add-ons (click on “Find Updates” in the Add-On manager).

Let us know what you think of the updates, happy holidays and happy sharing.