Home Dash Faster in your Language with 3

Following up on the initial release of Home Dash last week, Home Dash 3 adds initial localization support for Spanish, German and Chinese. The Prospector team apologizes for not having more languages (and especially for falling back to Spanish for locales like pt; edit: thanks to mrfyda for providing pt-PT for the next version!), but we only know a handful of languages. Good thing though is that you can contribute translations for your language now, so if you have a better translation than what you’re seeing, share it with us on GitHub!

Home Dash localized in Spanish

This latest version should also feel faster for those that type quickly after opening up Home Dash. Instead of showing all your sites and tabs immediately, if you type something to filter out those results, Firefox won’t have to work as hard to render all your thumbnails. Additionally, as you point at various thumbnails, the screen will flash less when you skip over a gap between thumbnails.

There’s also some improvements to the input box including the ability to see a list of clickable suggestions similar to Find Suggest. And for those who wanted to be able to press down (and up) to navigate through the list of results, you can thank jviereck on GitHub for the initial implementation!

Search suggestions and moving down the list

For the more advanced users, similar to how you can get the current page’s url by pressing <ctrl-l> twice, you can now see the full url when pointing at a link by pressing <shift>. The new suggestion list also lets you cycle through the words by pressing <tab>. (Note that the first <tab> will clear the selection so that you can continue typing after the primary suggestion, but subsequent <tab>s will immediately search with the next word.) And for those that like seeing the keyboard shortcut shown in the status, supahgreg provided the patch that now correctly shows <ctrl> instead of <⌘> on Windows and Linux!

There’s many more fixes in Home Dash 3, so check out the full list of changes since Home Dash 2.

If you’ve already installed Home Dash, you should be getting an update soon. Otherwise, install Home Dash on a Firefox 4 Beta, and leave feedback or contribute! As a reminder, you can press <alt-ctrl-shift-d> to temporarily deactivate Home Dash.

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