Customizing Home Dash with Snapshots

One of Home Dash‘s goals is to create a browse interface where users can discover interesting websites. Home Dash 6 moves closer by adding some initial support for customizing the snapshots of these websites in the dashboard.

Customizing a snapshot of the page

Instead of just having the browser guess what part of a page you might find memorable when creating a thumbnail, Home Dash lets you make custom snapshots of pages. This includes adjusting how much of the page to use (height and width) and where (positioning) as well as zooming it to the right size to fit the rest of the snapshots you’ve created.

You can also just click and drag a snapshot to move it to just the right spot, so you can group together related pages or ideas. In the near future, you’ll be able to add and remove these pages so that the snapshots aren’t just limited to your frequently visited sites. And from there, these groups of sites could be shared with friends to help them discover new and relevant information.

Customize snapshots as thumbnails or zoom in on logos

There’s several other fixes in Home Dash 6 such as saving thumbnails across restarts, automatically resizing Home Dash for full screen and Windows with glass, avoiding plugin restarts, and more; so check out the full list of changes since Home Dash 5.

If this sounds interesting, make sure to check the Home Dash announcement then install Home Dash on a Firefox 4 Beta, and leave feedback or contribute! For keyboard users, make sure to check out the tips page.

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