Rainbow 0.3: Canvas recording and beta11

We just pushed out Rainbow version 0.3 to addons.mozilla.org – go grab it here!

What’s new?

  • Rainbow can now record the contents of a canvas. Think of a canvas acting as the video source instead of a webcam. This might be useful for recording HTML5 game sessions, exporting animations as a movie file, or for other extensions to build screen-casting applications for web pages!
  • We added experimental support for sending theora video streams to an Icecast server. In our tests, there was significant delay (ranging between 5 and 10 seconds) in display of video, so it is not suitable for real-time applications. It is, however, quite usable for broadcasting scenarios! Check out the README and included example for more information on how to setup an Icecast server to receive streams from Rainbow.
  • We have removed the ability to send video streams over websockets, a feature we added in the 0.2 release. This is because websocket support will be disabled by default in Firefox 4, and the streaming to Icecast feature is a better way of doing streaming anyway.
  • The extension has been updated to work on the latest Firefox beta and Minefield versions, as of today. Versions of Firefox before beta10 will no longer be supported.

For a full list of changes, check out our commit logs – or even better – contribute on Github! The README has additional information you might be interested in.

We’re always delighted to hear from you – join in on our discussion forum!