DemoParty 2011: Sneak preview at NYC Resistor Hackerspace

What Is It

Mozilla Labs DemoParty 2011 is an upcoming online competition to foster artful development and exploration of Open Web technologies, taking inspiration from the classic DemoScene, accompanied by “real-life” events.

A Sneak Peak

Next Wednesday, our very own Tobias Leingruber (@tbx) from F.A.T. will preview this project at the NYC Resistor Hackerspace. He will be joined by other special guests, to be announced!

Event Details

In NYC? – Join us for Pizza + Beer as we dive into internet art, the DemoScene culture and Open Web Technology.

Planning to come? Please sign up via Facebook (or email – so we can buy enough drinks)

Date: 30 March 2011 (Wednesday)
Time: 19:00 till late
Venue: NYC Resistor Hackerspace
Address: 87 3rd Avenue, 4th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11217 (Google Map)

A Teaser

And to wet your appetite for the upcoming competition – here’s a beautiful taster example demo, all made in HTML, Javascript and CSS, 3D rendered in your browser.

(Note: This is just a video capture! If you have one of the latest browsers installed, you can check out the actual demo here)

For other Open Web Technology demos and source on Web O'(pen) Wonder & the MDN Demo Studio.

Keep Updated

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