Line-Up for tonights Sneak Peak Mozilla Labs DemoParty

Mozilla Labs DemoParty 2011 is an upcoming online competition to foster artful development and exploration of Open Web technologies, taking inspiration from the DemoScene, accompanied by “real-life” events.

And tonight we’re gonna sneak preview it in Brooklyn!


Marius Watz (processing.js, is artist working with visual abstraction through generative software processes. Big Fan!

Won Chun from the Google Body project – New version OUT today! Vernissage! 😀

Ben Moskowitz from the popcorn.js project, the “HTML5 Video Framework” – Hyper VIDEO 4 realz!!!

Brian Chirls from the popcorn.js community and Chroma GL


and…. myself, Tobias Leingruber as your host 🙂

Word on the street is also that the fabulous Al MacDonald aka @F1LT3R, part of the Mozilla Audio API group will stop by. E.g. this amazing music video is THEIR FAULT (All made with open web technologies):

(Note: This is just a video, the actual real-time demo is here: )

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See you in a bit,