DemoParty Sneak Preview last week in NYC

Sneak Peak!

Last wednesday we did a sneak preview of the Mozilla Labs DemoParty 2011 at the NYC Resistor hackerspace. Severall artists and hackers demoed their web-based work to show-off the amazing possibilities for creatives using open web technologies.

A small team at Mozilla Labs is currently working on an online competition called DemoParty, fostering creativity and art on the open web platform, as a follow-up on the Game-on competition. Submissions will be open in 5 very specific categories. We are also working on several events, and are proud to announce that one will be in collaboration with the guys behind the famous Alternative Party in Helsinki!! More details soon.

Demo Art

As a great example, the Mozilla audio API team is doing much more than just showing-off technology – Their demos have a huge artistic component. This approach to demo making is not new, the “art of demoing” has evolved for many years in a sub culture called the “Demoscene” – Artists working with code, music and computer graphics within very specific boundaries, regularly competing with each other on “Demopartys”.

How cool would it be if more groups like e.g. FARBRAUSCH (video at the end of this post), a famous demoscene collective, would create demos directly on the web platform!? STAY TUNED. Contact us if you want to get involved!! tobias /at/ Follow: @mozlabs

Thank you!

Thank you Marius Watz, Won Chun, Ben Moskowitz, Brian Chirls and Jess Klein for showing us your work last week!! More pictures can be found here on tbx’s flickr page and on the Laughing Squid blog

A special thank you to Scott Beale for posting sweet pictures and Bre Pettis + the entire NYC Resistor crew for being awesome hosts!

Photo: Kio Stark, Bre Pettis and Tobias Leingruber

This is a video capture of a FARBRAUCH demo for the windows platform)

Thanks everyone for coming! TBX