DemoParty in your town?


DemoParty is our new initiative to foster artful exploration of web technologies. Starting June 1st you will be able to submit your demos to our online competition and win unique prizes, along the contest there will be several events, e.g. the recently announced Flame Party in Helsinki.

Do you want to get involved?

Along the project (now till end of July) we are preparing severall community events – If you like to get involved and you think you can rally-up some good folks (HTML5 coders, Artists, DemoSceners) in your town – Contact us now and become part of DemoParty 2011!

This is how it works:

– Contact us (@tbx, @cyberdees, via email: tobias |att| or join us on IRC #demoparty)
– Find a venue and fix a date (btw. now and July 30th)
– You will recieve a DemoParty swag-bag (Stickers, Discs, T-shirts…)
– We will create a logo for you, help you organize the event, get special guests and promote everything through our channels
Step 3 – Profit ; )

Also, if you want to go bigger than that -> Talk to us!

Demo Art

Here’s another crazy example of demo art – A 3D music video, all made purely using open web technologies by the Mozilla audio API crew: (Note: This is a Screencast, actual demo here)