Design Jam Barcelona #1: Looking Hot & Will Take Some Cooling Down!

Design Jam Barcelona Logo

Next stop for the Design Jam roadshow — sunny Barcelona! Design Jam Barcelona #1 will be held on Saturday, 4th June 2011. It is supported by Civic Center Golferichs, the Mozilla Labs Concept Series community as well as mentors from the local creative industry.


Based on a Mozilla initiative, and after the successes of other worldwide Design Jams, local champions Alina Mierlus, Marta Armanda, Javier Usobiaga & Toni Hermoso, have been instrumental with the organisation of the event. In doing so have they have created a real buzz amongst the local UX community.

The event is non-profit, champions open-source thinking & sharing under Creative Commons licenses. Find out more about Design Jams.


Registration is well under way and spots are going fast! However, there’s still time to grab your spot via Eventbrite.

Date: 4 of June 2011 (Saturday)

Time: 09:00 – 18.00

Venue: Centre Cívic Golferichs

Address: Gran Vía Corts Catalanes, 491, 08015 Barcelona, Spain (map)

For full information & schedule check out the Design Jam Barcelona Wiki.

The Topic

The team are presently discussing a design topic with the mentors. Keeping with tradition, the topic will only be revealed on the morning of the event.

Local Champions

These folk rock! Events like these are not be possible without the hard work and dedication of local champions:


Keep up to date with the latest news and updates (schedule, topic, activity, outputs etc.) via the following online channels:

What’s It All About

It is a one-day design session, during which people will team up to tackle an engaging User Experience challenge. Similar to developer ‘hackdays’ the aim is to get enthusiastic local UX professionals, designers, and developers from both local technology and university sectors together to learn and collaborate with each other while working on a design problem. Past Design Jams include…

Want to get involved? Know someone?

We’re actively on the lookout for more local champions around the globe!

If you’d like to run your own Design Jam please show your interest by adding your details to the Design Jam wiki and emailing cyberdees[at]mozilla[dot]com.