London WebGL Meetup Yesterday

Last night Giles Thomas from hast put together the first WebGL meetup in London.

At last night’s WebGL meetup we presented our new project DemoParty including C64 cracker intros and WebGL art pieces from the Mozilla universe. When asked for “How many of you know what the Demoscene is?” 90% raised their hands. Record!

Among severall other presenters, Ilmari showed his Jurassic Park style 3D filesystem, Jerome Etienne his 3D WebGL Pacman, and Paul Brunt his WebGL framework GLGE. Also, Cedric Pinson showed some great work including the Firefox particles demo.

A highlight was demo-rockstar Mr. Doob (picture above) presenting us a making-of of the recent Demo, a big movie-like interactive production where he was the technical lead.

Well-done event! Maybe we’ll see you at the next WebGL meetup? Word on the street is it’s happening in 2 months…

Pictures by @cyberdees and @tbx – Click to see the full London WebGL Gallery on Flickr