Demoparty coming to Pune, India

This event is part of Mozilla Labs DemoParty, an initiative to foster artful exploration of web technologies.

Demoparty hits India / Pune

We’re excited to annouce that Mozilla India is arranging a DemoParty in India, Pune on June 25th. This is especially cool, because it’s probably even the first DemoParty in India – Serious culture exchange *smile*

Join Mozilla India for a full day + night of open web (aka HTML5) demo hacking, food/drinks! An artful exploration of open web technologies, in the tradition of the Demo Scene.

Attend hands-on HTML5 workshops and collaborate with hackers and artists till late night or even the next day to take home the evenings Demo Party Award.

Click here for full Info on the India Pune Demoparty page

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Contact the organizers: @vineelreddy, @GalaxyK, @tbx, or via email: pindivineelreddy (att), bubblyguy (att) or tobias (att)
Hashtags #demoparty #mozindia

Example Single Effect: WebGL Particles Demo by Cedric Pinson

Here’s another pretty example of a “single effect” demo by Cedric Pinson

Or view the video capture: