Demoparty in Boston with @party

This event is part of Mozilla Labs DemoParty, an initiative to foster artful exploration of web technologies.

June 17th – 19th Demoparty @party Boston

On June 17th “North America’s Only Live Freestanding Demoparty” is happening and we’re part of it! Bostons’ demoscene is meeting at the “@party” to hack and compete on platforms from Nintendo Gameboy over 8-bit music to two newly added categories: “Single Effect Web Demo” and “Full Web Demo”.

Click for the Mozilla Labs Boston Demoparty Page

Click for the @Party Boston Website

HTML5 / WebGL Workshop with F1LT3R

Alister MacDonald aka F1LT3R, member of the Mozilla #audio team, will host a hacking workshop to get Bostons’ demosceners excited about using web technologies in their art work.

This is going to be a hot weekend for demosceners, not only in Boston – The Flame Party Helsinki is happening at the same time!!!

(photo by MobyGamer, @party 2010)

NOW – Enjoy the invitation demo!! Sadly it’s made for MSFT Windows, not in HTML5. Next year?

Click to view the Mozilla Labs Boston Demoparty page

@Party’s Website (Get your tickets here)