RecallMonkey Looks Farther and Deeper

Since its original release and in multiple iterations, we’re quickly trying to make RecallMonkey a useful tool for helping you recall things you’ve seen before. In the last week, we’ve extended RecallMonkey with the following new features.

UI Tweaks

Though there’s still a lot of room for improvement here, we made some minor adjustments to the UI. We went back to the sidebar layout because it allowed more space for the variably sized lists. We also added an infinite scroll (the page adds results as you scroll to the bottom) so you can look at more search results without having to filter down results. We also changed the look of the search results just a bit. The up arrow lets you prioritize results from that domain, the cross lets you exclude results from that domain. We included a favicon to provide a quick visual cue to point out the website, and the blue star’s presence indicates that the link is bookmarked.

Also, RecallMonkey can now be accessed through the icon in the Addon Bar or through the new shortcut (Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + M).

Better with Bookmarks

RecallMonkey has better support for bookmarks. So if you actively use bookmarks to stash away things you like, you can check “Prioritize Bookmarks” in the sidebar to bubble up bookmark results to the top. Also, in addition to searching the title and URLs of pages, RecallMonkey also searches bookmark tags for pages that you have bookmarked.

Pin as an App Tab

We also ported RecallMonkey from a bootstrapped extension to the Addon SDK, the awesomely easy new way for developing extensions for Firefox. It allowed for us to use RecallMonkey as a persistent page that you can load up and pin as an App Tab – something which wasn’t possible with the way the extension was written before.

Most of these improvements are based off user feedback, so please keep it coming in. You can go ahead and download the latest version here or have a look at the source code and make it better!