Introducing the WebFWD Fellow Program

Since we launched Mozilla’s WebFWD accelerator program four short weeks ago we spoke with numerous people who either applied, were thinking about applying or who contacted us with questions and suggestions. One common comment we heard over and over again was: “The Bootcamp is great but I would like to have a longer-term, slightly less high-touch engagement with you”.

So this is what we’re introducing today. In addition to the 4-week Bootcamp we are launching a 6-month Fellow program. As a WebFWD fellow you will receive mentorship from key Mozillians, our awesome mentors, attend workshops on topics such as scalability, security, marketing & community building, learn how to run your project based on the lean startup methodology, become part of the WebFWD community and much more.

As the Fellow program does not require your physical presence in one of our offices you can literally apply from anywhere in the world.

We are extremely excited about this extension of our original WebFWD idea and look forward working with you!

Read more about the Fellow program as well as our Bootcamp on the WebFWD website, apply here and follow us on Twitter for last-minute updates.

This is a cross-posting from the WebFWD blog