OneLiner moves navigation to the tabs toolbar

OneLiner takes a different approach from LessChrome HD to achieve the same goal of giving as much space to the web page. The Firefox interface now takes up less space by moving what used to be on two lines into just one line. In order to combine the navigation and tabs toolbars, the location bar is given a small fixed size while the search bar is collapsed to a single button.

Separate toolbars before, combined OneLiner after

While the location bar functions as it did before, the search button activates an in-tab search by loading the default Firefox home page ready to search with Google. And just like when there were two separate boxes, the user has more control over when keystrokes get sent to a web search by requiring an explicit intent to search. For a future Firefox home page, the Prospector team plans to simplify searching with non-default search engines similar to the behavior on Firefox Mobile and Search Tabs.

Once you install OneLiner without restarting on Firefox, keep an eye out for some other features:

  • the location bar expands to cover the back/forward buttons when not in use
  • clicking the search button will pre-fill the search with selected text or clipboard data
  • Ctrl-K keyboard shortcut instantly activates the in-tab search bar
  • fullscreen mode keeps the one-line look that doesn’t get auto-hidden
  • fullscreen “back” extends to the top and left edges of the screen for easy clicks

As always, you can check the source on Github, provide feedback, and submit issues or suggestions!

Ed Lee on behalf of the Prospector team
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