Tab Focus: Automagically Organize Tab Groups

We love using Panorama to organize our tabs, but sometimes, we add and remove tabs and move around so quickly that before we know it we already have too many tabs open to want to fire up Panorama and reorganize things by hand. This is where Tab Focus steps in. Its easy to visualize the tabs you have open as a tree based on what links you follow between pages.

For example, my browsing window from below can also be seen as a tree.

is really just…

So at some point at I was looking up the Mozilla Blog and then checking my code on Github, but then I got distracted by Pokemon and now I want to focus on reading about them. All I do it call TabFocus (by clicking on the eye in the addons bar or the hitting shortcut ctrl/cmd + shift + L).

… while keeping all the other tabs in their original groups!

This is currently a really early idea and we would love to have your feedback on how it works for you and how you would make this better. Are we losing track of links, would you rather carry over everything in that domain, etc. We’d like to know how you think of tabs as “related” when you have one too many open. So go ahead install the addon from here and as always, feel free to have a look at the source code here.

Abhinav Sharma on behalf of the Prospector Team.