Mozilla Labs introduces new beta site

Today, Mozilla’s innovation team is unveiling the beta of a brand new website. As a member of the Mozilla Labs community, we wanted to invite you to kick the tires and let us know what you think: (it’s also linked from

Codenamed “BetaFarm” for now (the name will change soon), the new site is an effort to put supported projects from Mozilla Labs and the Mozilla Foundation under a single roof. The site is powered by the same engine that drives, with lots of improvements under the hood.

The goal: make it easy for anyone to find, follow and contribute to Mozilla projects. It’s a work in progress, and we want to give you an early opportunity to try it and give us some feedback.

A bit of background: You told us you want a site that helps you participate and stay informed. And that the current Mozilla Labs site doesn’t make that easy enough. We also heard that it can be hard to find all of the innovation projects across different parts of Mozilla, and that it takes too many clicks and searches to find a way to get involved. We all share the same mission — what’s most important is that people can easily find our projects and pitch in.

That’s where we’re hoping BetaFarm can help address some of what we heard from you. But we want to know what you think. Visit the site at and sign up — you can use Mozilla Browser ID to create an account. There you can follow projects, sign up for events, and find links and information to participate in projects. And please tell us what you think using the feedback tab.

Thank you for your commitment, your time, and your interest in Mozilla.

Pascal Finette on behalf of the Mozilla Labs crew

PS – A huge thank you to the talented Paul Osman, Ross Bruniges, Andy Chung, Havi Hoffman, Ryan Merkley, and the rest of the team who have done spectacular work to get us here.