WebFWD Welcomes the First Fellows

This is a cross-post from the WebFWD blog:

Only two short months ago we launched WebFWD – Mozilla’s accelerator and incubator program for Open Innovation and the open Web. Today we are proud and very happy to announce our first two Fellows – and as a bonus three projects which came through our partnership with Teens in Tech into our “Friends of WebFWD” program.


# OpenPhoto

The Idea: OpenPhoto is an Open Source photo sharing platform which gives users complete ownership and portability of their photos. Users’ photos, tags and comments are seamlessly stored into personally owned cloud services owned by themselves. Whatever they want to do or wherever they want to go their photos are free to go with them.

The Team: Jaisen Mathai, Patrick Santana, Patrick Boos, Florian Menevis, Preet Jassi, Klaus Komenda, Kitt Hodsden, Peter Sankauskas, John Fabrizio and Gareth Greenaway

Learn more at TheOpenPhotoProject.com

# CASH Music

The Idea: CASH Music is a nonprofit organization focussed on artist sustainability through education and open technology. We’ve worked directly with artists and independent labels to build a free and open platform that can be downloaded and used to promote, distribute, and sell music.

The Team: Jesse von Doom,
Maggie Vail and Jonathan “Duke” Leto

Learn more at CASHMusic.org

As part of our Teens in Tech program:

# Bubbls

The Idea: Bubbls is a social platform that helps young adults plan events and hangouts. We’re a website and mobile app.

The Team: James Maa, Matthew Miller and Matt Plant

Learn more at Bubbls.com

# Codulous

The Idea: Codulous is an online code editor that makes it really easy to code on the go.

The Team: Raphie Palefsky-Smith, Andrew Amis, Kai Tamkun and Marc Laugharn

Learn more at Codulo.us

# MySchoolHelp

The Idea: MySchoolHelp is a place where high school students can find and share notes from their school.

The Team: Ben Lang, Jake Essman, Amanda Aizuss and Nick Donelly

Learn more at MySchoolHelp.com

What’s Next?

The teams are currently getting set up in our system (we use Yammer for inter-team communication), get matched with their mentors and soon we’ll start our first workshops. And as this is the first iteration of our program, we expect to learn at least as much from our teams than they (hopefully) will learn from us.

Stay tuned for updates from the teams and our progress. This is the beginning of a very interesting journey!

P.S.: We are also continuously evaluating new projects – so, don’t be shy and apply here. And join our forum if you have questions or would like to discuss the program, enterpreneurship in the vein of Open Source and Open Innovation.