Mozilla Labs is stepping out: Introducing PDF.js & more new projects

The fall conference season is in full swing, and Mozillians are stepping out of the Labs to introduce some new projects and invite you to get involved. Here’s a quick rundown of some upcoming events where you can find us:

HTML 5 Dev Conf, San Francisco CA. September 27: Takes place tomorrow, with tracks on Javascript, HTML5, Games/Apps, and node.js. Dan Mosedale (@dmose) will introduce Paladin, a new 3D gaming platform for the open Web. Even if you can’t be there, you’re invited to contribute and to play. Also, David Herman (@littlecalculist), longtime member of Ecma TC39, will describe some of the new features planned for JavaScript.

GTUG Zurich: PDF.js, HTML5 GTUG, Zurich, Switzerland. September 28: PDF.js is an HTML5 technology experiment that explores building a faithful and efficient Portable Document Format (PDF) renderer without native code assistance. This Wednesday, Julian Viereck, a student at the ETH Zurich, will give a lightning talk at the Zurich Googleplex introducing the PDF.js project, which welcomes contributors.

PDF.js at, Berlin, Germany. Oct 1-2: Self-described mad scientist Andreas Gal (@andreasgal) will talk about Mozilla’s new PDF.js pure JavaScript PDF render. Flashy demos aside, he’ll focus in particular on performance tricks used to make rendering fast. If you’re there at JS.conf EU, be sure to stop by the Hacker Lounge, sponsored by Mozilla. And, even if you can’t make it in person, you can still join in the JavaScript doc sprint that will take place during the event.

Paris Web 2011, Paris, France. October 13-15: If you make it to Paris Web, don’t miss Vivien Nicolas’s lightning talk on PDF.js, and while you’re there keep an eye out for Mozillian Paul Rouget (@paulrouget), speaking on a roundtable about browsers, and Mozilla technical evangelist Rob Nyman (@robnyman) speaking on HTML5 APIs.

Mozilla Festival: Media, Freedom and the Web, London, UK. November 4-6.: Join us for a three-day open laboratory with developers, designers, and journalists who are using the Web to re-invent media. Hack on real problems. Collaborate with amazing people.