Video: Demoparty Winners Trip to Helsinki

AKEMI by Britzpetermann was the winning demo of our Demoparty Online Competition 2011*, 50% voted by our judges and 50% by our community. We flew them out to Helsinki to show their demo at the “Alternative Party“, a classic Demoscene party with more than 1000 code artists attenting.


Hear more about the winning demo and dive into the Alternative Party. Enjoy!


There’s also a picture set of the Alternative Party up on Flickr:

Thank You! Mozilla Labs Demoparty 2011

A HUUGE thank you goes to Pascal Finette, who initiated this project and supervised it. Credits go to @cyberdees, James Socol, Rainer Cvillink, Matt Claypotch, Julie Choi, Zandr Milewski, Kristoffer Lawson and Antti Hirvonen for their immense support in running this show.

And last but not least: THANK YOU DEMOSCENE + MOZILLA COMMUNITY for submitting +100 demos, co-organizing and running 7 Demoparty events and helping us to inspire others to explore and push open web technologies!

yours, Tobias Leingruber @tbx

*This post is part of “Demoparty 2011“, our initiative to foster artful exploration of open web technologies.