Mozilla welcomes WebGL Camp #4

We’re less than two days away from WebGL Camp #4, which takes place at Mozilla’s Mountain View office on Friday, December 12, from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm PT (4:30 pm – 1:00 am UTC). Registration is now closed since we’ve reached capacity, but talks will be live-streamed for free over Air Mozilla, and videos will be available online in the new year. You can follow along via the back channel #airmozilla on

WebGL Camp is organized for the WebGL community by Henrik Bennetsen (@henrikbennetsen), a self-described “happy San Francisco transplant from Denmark.” When he’s not producing bi-annual WebGL Camps, Henrik works at Katalabs, building OurBricks, a service that “connects people who need great 3D content with those who can create it.” For Camp #4, Henrik has assembled a great agenda, with speakers from tech shops large and small, and trail-blazing WebGL developers from industry and academe.

Todd Simpson, Mozilla’s Chief of Innovation, will kick off the day with a greeting to attendees, and platform engineer Doug Sherk will open with a talk titled, Context Loss: The Forgotten Scripts. We’re delighted to welcome all speakers, including Ryan Kahn & Eric Fernberg from Boston-based, who’ll be demo’ing WebGLyders, which, like Mozilla’s own Paladin gaming platform, uses CubicVR.js as its 3D rendering engine.

Mozilla has been active in the evolution of WebGL over the last five years, and participates in the WebGL Working Group along with major browser providers Apple (Safari), Google (Chrome), and Opera (Opera). We’re thrilled to be hosting our first WebGLCamp. Hope you have the chance to participate, whether live or over the air.