Watchdog: Visualize your password reuse

Today, we’re releasing another neat little add-on as part of the Watchdog initiative here at Mozilla Labs. Watchdog aims to help you make wise decisions about your privacy. Unfortunately, if you’re like many users, it can be hard to see exactly where you are most vulnerable when you have dozens (maybe hundreds) of accounts linked to several different passwords.

On the original blog post, I wrote:

“You can look at this and pretty quickly figure out where you should start changing your passwords first, and which passwords you should stop reusing. As you change your passwords and update your Firefox password manager, the picture will improve!”

This new add-on, Password Reuse Visualizer, renders a visualization of the different passwords you use, the different sites you visit and the links between them. This way, you can quickly see which passwords you’re overusing and need to change. Hat-tip to Collusion, another interesting Firefox add-on with roots in Mozilla Labs, for inspiring some of my thinking about how to visualize password relationships.

Check out my detailed writeup (with more screenshots!), and as always, we’d love for you to take a look at the source code.