Announcing Mozilla Hatchery

We’re happy to share a new offering from Mozilla Labs called Hatchery, a program and assemblage of resources and people to help Mozillians with early-stage product growth and success.

What Is Hatchery?

We offer coaching, resources and curriculum across various disciplines – user research, testing, design, product development, marketing and more – with a goal to help build Mozilla’s future products and services.

Why Are We Doing This?

Innovation is central to Mozilla’s mission to keep the web open. Without competition and diversity of offerings, the web risks being controlled by one entity and stagnating in development. Hatchery is one way we hope to foster and support continuing innovation at Mozilla. We’ve already started helping a Mozilla project, TowTruck  with pitching and design and look forward to seeing what projects you have as well!

How Can You Be Involved?

  • Submit your product idea! Check out our website, which has more details on what types of projects are a fit and how to apply, and apply!
  • Be a Coach. Currently Hatchery coaches are designers, user researchers, strategists and technologists who give their time and knowledge to participating teams. This happens through meetings in person or remotely (Skype, vidyo, telephone – whatever works). Lots of time it’s reacting to something the team is doing; sometimes it’s providing specific tools and advice. If you think you can help our teams in any of these fields – or others – to turn their ideas into products, please let us know by emailing us at labscoaches <at> mozilla <dot> com.
  • Give us feedback. This is a new initiative and in the spirit of early-stage ventures, we will be iterating early and often. Send questions, comments and constructive feedback to labscoaches <at> mozilla <dot> com

We’re looking forward to building Mozilla’s future with you!

The Hatchery Team

David, Diane, Didem, Paula, Aaron, Jinghua & Simon.