Firefox 3 Extension Compatibility Status

Extensions claiming Firefox beta compatibility

In the following graphs, each bar represents one of the top 100 extensions, by usage. The high of the bar is comparing relative usage. I.e. the most used extensions have the highest bars. Positive bars are compatible (blue), non-positive are not compatible (red).

Top 100 extensions claiming beta support (3.0b*, blue), non beta support (3.0b* red)

Top 100 extensions (beta)

Top 100 extensions claiming alpha and beta support (3*, blue), non alpha/beta support (non-3*, red)
Top 100 extensions (alpha + beta)

3 responses

  1. Alfred Kayser wrote on :

    Will this analysis also be performed for themes? Themes, like the extension, do need serious updating to get them to work suitably with FF3 to support all the new features and to include all the fixes in the theme code itself.

  2. Ian M wrote on :

    These metrics are a tad confusing and could do with a little bit more explanation 🙂

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