Firefox 3 extension compatibility chart

Here is a chart (renders correctly in Fx3) listing the top 95% of extensions, sized by usage. Helpful for tracking add-on compatibility with Firefox 3.

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  1. Seth wrote on :

    I’m confused. There are only ~750 extensions listed on that chart and there are vastly more than 750 extensions on AMO, so how can it be 95% of them? Perhaps it’s the case that these extensions account for 95% of total extension installs? And when you say they are ranked by “usage” does that include addons that are disabled or just the ones that are active?

  2. brandon wrote on :

    I was looking for the information on how to hack a non-working ff2 extension to make it work in ff3, it was something simple like opening it in a text editor and changing one line, anyone can post a link to that page?

  3. anon wrote on :

    Thanks for the info and the useful representation.

    Could you say a little more about what you mean by “usage” when you say “sized by usage”? Is this a total download count, or is this based on data coming from AMO based on update pings? Is this at all weighted for recency (giving greater weight to usage this year than say two years ago, for example)?

  4. Aljullu wrote on :

    Most used extension is Java Console?

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  7. reeloo wrote on :

    Look at this guide how to manually edit Firefox 1-2 extensions to work with Firefox 3:

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  9. MyHappyTel wrote on :

    Actually you can force firefox to be compatible with any extensions . I find myself doing this because everytime FF releases a new version all my extensions don’t work. Thus the need to force it to work.

  10. Web Design and Development in Dubai wrote on :

    Nothing beats the flexibility and robustness of Firefox. Add to that, the reason i along with most other designers prefer it is because of its vast community network that constantly works online to support and develop new add-ons and features.

    Kudos to open-source development!