Spectator, two days later

Since we put Spectator on AMO two days ago we have already recorded 41,537 UI interactions and 361,438 page loads (no URLs!) from 153 users.

Community is also starting to build around this tool. First, a Mr. Kurt filed a bug requesting Spectator be bundled with all Firefox builds. Next, the friendly Andy Edmonds created a pmog mission around contributing to Firefox passively. Thanks Kurt and Andy!

Just as a teaser, some trivia that will make the Firefox 3 theme developers happy. What UI element has gotten the most action today? Back button. 

We are looking forward to digging deeper into this data set while exploring ways to share it.

2 responses

  1. john wrote on :

    we can surely get a much more accurate sample if we had a pool count in the 1000s..

  2. David Naylor wrote on :

    It could be randomly offered to every 1000th user or so in the default build.