Hello Madrid!

We’ll eventually be talking a lot more about this, but for today, I wanted to present one slice of data that got me excited.  Mozilla recently implemented Omniture as our web analytics solution for www.mozilla.com and we’re just starting to poke around in understanding how Firefox users interact with our web site.   As an example, the report below shows the top 10 cities with visitors to mozilla.com so far in the month of May:

A few things that stand out:

  • Manila is #4!
  • There’s only one U.S. city in the top 10
  • Our web traffic has a verrrry long tail.  The top 10 cities represent about 10% of our web traffic and the top 1,000 cities represents 83% of mozilla.com visitors.

11 responses

  1. willyaranda wrote on :

    hello from madrid!!

  2. Romi wrote on :

    yay! hello from Jakarta!

  3. raccettura wrote on :

    The New York is largely me. I just hit reload all day.


  4. Bruno Magrani wrote on :

    That’s pretty amazing. It shows how mozilla comunity is spread around the world and in my perspective that’s one of the main goals an open source project should persue.

  5. monk.e.boy wrote on :

    Hello from cornwall!

  6. Aljullu wrote on :

    Where we can found the complete list? Thank’s.

    Hello from Barcelona!

  7. kkovash wrote on :

    @Aljullu: good question! we’re planning to be open with much more similar data (e.g., sharing the complete list, plus much much more). we’re just figuring out a structured way for going about that. stay tuned for details.

  8. Havvy wrote on :

    Hello from Washougal!

    And, what an odd list that is. Nice info.

  9. LouCypher wrote on :

    @Romi: yeah, we did it 🙂

  10. Aljullu wrote on :

    @kkovash: thank’s, I will stay tuned.

  11. disposablemail wrote on :

    hello from manila!