The Firefox Community – International Participation

We’ve talked a lot here lately about the proliferation of Firefox usage around the world and about the early adoption of Firefox 3.  Today, something combining both of these subjects was announced – Download Day.

The coolest thing to watch is the interactive map.  You can see the number of pledges grow by the minute, and you can visually see the extreme international scope of our community.  Check it out!

4 responses

  1. Aljullu wrote on :

    I have a problem, I’m Catalan but I don’t like to subscribe me such as Spanish. I have chosen Andorra 😉

  2. Benoit wrote on :

    I don’t think the map is well done at all. The colour changes on an absolute number per country instead of something relative to their population.

    This means that a country as Luxembourg (472000 inhabitants) could never reach the 500K barrier even if everyone there pledged, while US will become red hot with much less than 1% of its population.

  3. bix wrote on :

    Well said, in my country (Malta) we have ~400k people, and thus we could never reach such barriers and have the same problem as luxembourg.

    How about having percentage of the country’s population as a way to show how many people in that particular country have pledged to download?

  4. kkovash wrote on :

    @Benoit and bix: great feedback! we spent a lot of time wrestling with that dilemma when constructing the site. I’ll make sure we share some percentage analysis on this blog.