Go Colombia!

Since Download Day was announced (just a few days ago), it’s been fun to watch in real-time the way Firefox community members around the globe have embraced it.  We’ve already seen pledges from community members across more than 200 countries (or regions)!  In addition, I thought it’d be interesting to see how the early number of pledges matches with Firefox adoption.  In other words, have certain regions been ultra avid in the way they’ve embraced Download Day, relative to the size of their region’s Firefox user base?

Below is a chart showing the number of pledges by region (as of earlier today), along with the associated percentage out of total pledges (# of pledges from region x/total pledges across all regions).  The last column then shows us what percentage of Firefox users hails from each country.

As one example, you’ll notice that a country such as Poland has been particularly excited about Download Day.  While about 4% of all Firefox users are in Poland, nearly 8% of all Download Day pledges can be attributed to community members in Poland.

A few other things to highlight thus far:

  • The international Firefox community has been amazingly active, with nearly 85% of pledges attributable to members outside the U.S.
  • In addition to Poland, Brazil, Japan, the Netherlands, Russia, Mexico, Argentina, Taiwan, Chile and Portugal are among the most active regions (among many, many others)
  • Colombia made the list above.  Why mention this specifically?  Colombia has also shown the greatest increase in Firefox usage, on a percentage basis, since the beginning of 2008.  Usage growth by country is an entirely different topic, but this one nugget of info seems relevant in calling out our community members in Colombia.

2 responses

  1. Gervase Markham wrote on :

    How is the % of total Firefox users calculated? If it’s using browser language strings, I suspect that the US figure is inflated, because people without a browser in their language may well use en-US.


  2. kkovash wrote on :

    Gerv — good question! the “% of total Firefox users” was determined by applying GeoIP technology to our AUS data. GeoIP software is said to be 99% accurate at the country level.