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  1. Sam wrote on :

    This is awesome–I love charts and graphs, and also firefox 🙂

  2. Ehsan Akhgari wrote on :

    Hi Ken,

    I created another tool which may be interesting as well. It’s a graph comparing the countries’ pledge rankings throughout the time. It’s completely dynamic, allowing one to compare any number of arbitrary countries.

    You can find it at: http://ehsanakhgari.org/mozilla/downloadday/stats/pledge-ranking-graph

  3. Tristan wrote on :

    Follow up related to the importance of localizations, and why it gives Mozilla a head-start:


  4. Eterniel wrote on :

    Hello Ken,

    I have written a Firefox Download Day country activity monitoring tool that fetches pledge information directly from Spreadfirefox Download Day page and represents it in sortable table format. For some reason the link you supplied to Ehsan’s page was returning this error message the whole day.

    There are still couple of hours of the Download Day, and I wish we all can enjoy it. Great job, Firefox team 🙂