Firefox 3 Market Share – One Day after Launch

Putting yesterday’s story in some perspective…

In the first full month after Firefox 2’s launch, Firefox 2’s worldwide market share had reached 3.62%.  It was indeed a wild success.  So, what about the launch of Firefox 3?

We’re only about 24 hours in, and Fx3 has already surpassed the point Fx2 reached at the one month mark!  According to the live tracking from Net Applications, Fx3 has been hovering around 4% worldwide market share.

4 responses

  1. redvine wrote on :

    Just as there is an upsurge in Firefox use on weekends, this hourly data seems to show an upsurge in Firefox usage in the evenings, for this first day of downloads data there seems to be a surge when the West Coast of the US hits 6 pm, then a drop off around 7 am, followed by another surge at the next 6 pm.

  2. brenton wrote on :

    I have been looking for a chart of firefox VERSION useage share over time. Similar to those graphs that show irefox vs. IE vs. Netscape over time (see w3schools data) but comparing firefox 1 vs. firefox 1.5 vs. firefox 2 vs. firefox 3. Nobody has this data though. Surely you must, if anyone, be able to get it!

  3. kkovash wrote on :

    Brenton — check out You can grab the version data going back every month for two years. Once you compile all that data, you’d then be able to create your own customized version of this:


  4. Aldo Cork wrote on :

    I can’t believe FireFox has made it this far!