Localizers Enable Firefox 3 Success

Mic recently shared a few words of congratulations with our localizers and translators around the globe who helped make the Firefox 3 launch a great success.  As a follow-up, I wanted to spell out a few numbers associated with the impact and success of these contributions:

  • about 73% of downloads since launch have been from users outside the U.S.
  • about 55% of downloads since launch have been of non en-US language versions
  • (some users outside the U.S. download and use the en-US version, hence the difference between the two percentages)
  • of the latter group — more than 11 million downloads in absolute terms — the percentage breakdown is shown in the chart below

Great job!

9 responses

  1. Toni Hermoso wrote on :


    Despite below 1%, any chance to get statistics for ca? 🙂

    And per country and locale at the same time? That is, for exemple for Spain, which is the percentage for all downloaded locales.


  2. kkovash wrote on :

    Toni – for ca (Catalan), we’ve seen about 38,000 downloads of Firefox 3 since launch… nearly 0.5%! Getting country and locale at the same time is a bit tricky. We’re working on it and hope to post some data shortly.

  3. Sankarshan wrote on :

    Hmm… I see that none of the Indic locales feature in the pie chart as individual entries. Does that have any impact on Mozilla’s interest in Indic ?

  4. Laurens Holst wrote on :

    So there are about 300.000 users of the Dutch Firefox translation. Good to know! Just wonder how many Dutch users are using the en-US version (I expect it to be higher than the average).

  5. Simos wrote on :

    What are the stats for the Greek language (el)?


  6. kkovash wrote on :

    Simos – for el (Greek), we saw about 60,000 downloads in the week since launch. that equates to just more more than 0.5% in the pie chart above. – Ken

  7. Danishka wrote on :

    Hi Ken,

    Could you pls give me the total downloads for ‘si’ locale. It may be less, but I want to know as we released it for the 1st time.


  8. kkovash wrote on :

    Danishka – for si (Sinhala), we’ve seen almost 6,000 downloads of Firefox 3 since launch. Great job! – Ken

  9. Julen wrote on :

    Could we know the stats for ‘eu’ locale please?
    Thank you!