Firefox Surpasses 50% Market Share in Indonesia

Wow!  According to Net Applications, Firefox surpassed the 50% mark in June 2008 (subscription required for country breakdown).  We know we’ve been very close to passing this mark in several European countries, including Finland, Slovenia and Poland, according to Xiti, so we were excited to see this news about Indonesia.  As some background information, Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous country, with a relatively low, but rapidly growing internet penetration rate.

There might be some questions about Net Applications’ sample, but consider these factors:

  1. According to another web analytics firm, WebSideStory, Firefox had nearly reached 35% market share in Indonesia late last year, and this measurement was based on a sample of 200,000 daily visitors in Indonesia.  (unfortunately, this measurement service was suspended earlier this year after Omniture’s acquisition of WebSideStory)
  2. Both Net Applications and WebSideStory agree that the growth (i.e., trend) of Firefox share in Indonesia has been greater than in any other region.
  3. According to our own internal numbers related to Firefox usage, only a couple regions around the world have matched Indonesia’s growth rate so far in 2008.

Putting all these factors together make it clear that Firefox adoption and the Mozilla community are flourishing in Indonesia.  And it looks like our Firefox 3 launch party in Jakarta was a success… see photos here and here.

3 responses

  1. rodin wrote on :

    Couldn’t be happier!

  2. bayu wrote on :

    50% ??

  3. financial spreadbetting wrote on :

    I think that now we will start to see Chrome come strong.