Where will Firefox Reach 50% Market Share?

On the heels of this week’s announcement that Firefox recently surpassed 50% market share in Indonesia, we thought it would be interesting to look at what other regions are also nearing this amazing milestone.  Thanks to Net Applications, we’re able to share this data, which is typically only available via a subscription to their service.  In the chart below, you’ll see which countries are next in line for passing the 50% mark and the degree to which each region has been growing in 2008.  Please click on the image for a full view.

We’re aware that this analysis isn’t exactly rigorous.  For example, with the Indonesia discussion, we were able to do a bit of triangulation ensuring that the story was in fact accurate (e.g., comparison with other market share sources, comparison with our own internal growth numbers).  That said, we should point out one very compelling fact…

Net Applications shows that Firefox is most likely to soon surpass the 50% mark in Slovenia, Poland, and Finland – with 48%, 47%, and 45% June market share numbers, respectively.  What has Xiti, another provider of market share information, had to say on this subject?  According to their latest report, Firefox market share is highest in Finland, Poland, and Slovenia – with 46%, 44% and 44% March market share numbers, respectively.

Given how eerily similar these two distinct data sets are , it seems as though the data presented in the chart above should, at the very least, be directionally true… giving our communities one more reason to celebrate.

2 responses

  1. Baka_toroi wrote on :

    I’m still wondering why Croatia doesn’t have a localized version.

  2. Ian M wrote on :

    Looks like Poland will beat Slovenia, as their growth is much higher.

    There’s some countries with a huge market share increase there:

    (1) In the middle, Romania and Bulgaria have had large increases, which if it keeps up will put them near the top in a year.

    (2) The bottom 3 (Lithuania, France and Malaysia) almost doubled their market share in a year! (in the case of Lithuania, it probably did)