It’s Official – Firefox Surpasses 20% Worldwide Market Share

Congratulations to the Mozilla community for reaching this historic milestone!

For the first time in either a weekly or monthly period, Firefox surpassed 20% worldwide market share (according to Net Applications).  You can read the featured report here.

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  1. Eugene wrote on :

    While I think this is great, in my opinion market share is a lot more important on a country-by-country basis.

    You might think you can now approach some important site (like a bank) that is not Mozilla friendly, and say, “look 1 out of 5 people online use this”, and they’d say “No, actually it’s only 1 out of 20”, and just keep their bad practices unchanged.

  2. -=Ben=- wrote on :

    Nice one

  3. Vygantas wrote on :

    It’s not 20% here anyway 🙂

  4. Mardeg wrote on :

    If Net Applications relies on measurement by advertisements being hit by the useragent string, would the number of people with Adblock Plus installed ( the most used extension voluntarily installed according to ) in Firefox mean that the reported percentage is lower than the actual percentage?
    To Eugene: if a bank is not working properly with firefox their own site stats aren’t what to go by, and you could point out to them countries where 1 in 2 people use Firefox 🙂

  5. byku wrote on :

    In Poland it is 41.5% :|OW
    In other countries this same ranking says that it is 32.2% :|FG

    But no way, congratulations! 🙂

    P.S.Sorry for my English.

  6. Lawrence wrote on :

    its interesting to note that more people use firefox compared to other browsers over the weekend than during the week. i think this i still an indication that companies have taken slower to adopt firefox than have individual people.

  7. Dmitry wrote on :

    You’re going to compete with Chrome sooner or later, and that will be an interesting battle, taking into consideration relations between Mozilla and Google;)

  8. Flavio T. Kaminisse wrote on :

    Congratulations to Mozilla!!!
    Let’s to 40% for Firefox, 40% for Chrome, 15% for Safari and 4% to ie.

  9. Dan wrote on :

    Dmitry has a point. Chrome is a more interesting competitor than IE for several reasons. Chrome and Firefox are both attractive browsers to tech savvy people. Also, Google’s use of Mozilla as a proxy against Microsoft aside, the two open source browsers are apt to start exchanging parts any day now. No doubt IE will slowly try to assimilate these innovations, but it might take them awhile.

  10. Peter wrote on :

    Users given the choice will always take an up to date software over old rebadged software.

    If M$ were to lose the advantage of bundling IE with the OS and large corporations started supporting Firefox, I suspect IEs lead would all but disappear.

  11. Name wrote on :

    I say 25% Firefox, 25% Chrome, 10% Opera and 40% SEAMONKEY!!! FUCK YEAH!!! SEAMONKEY KICKS ASS!!!

  12. Dopyt wrote on :

    That’s great news! I’m using firefox too 🙂

  13. professional seo wrote on :

    Users given the choice will always take an up to date software over old rebadged software.
    That’s great news! I’m using firefox too

  14. ambien wrote on :

    i always believed that the reason that Internet explorer has so much users is due to the reason that it is given as a default with the most used OS , i think that if there was a selection between browsers when installing windows , Firefox would rule with over than 50 % users .

  15. student loan wrote on :

    Mozilla FireFox Browser is much better than the other one.

  16. the eager son wrote on :

    Congrats, Mozilla! It was about time! FF is my favourite browser since it’s very begining. I really don’t get how slowly people realize what is a good browser!

  17. Eng City-Engineering Video wrote on :

    That’s great news thank you

  18. haneef wrote on :

    good one

  19. michael j wrubel wrote on :

    Yes i agree that the Mozilla Firefox most advanced browser when we compare with other browsers. It has lots of benefits.

  20. Fewos wrote on :

    Interestingly in Germany the market share is already much higher! Firefox is the better product as it´s open source. Especially the addons rock.

  21. Mirabilandia wrote on :

    In Italy Mozilla FireFox Browser is used from the 42% of the people. I think in 1/years became the most used browser. The addons, the themes and all the features have make that success a reality. 🙂