We shipped funnelcake03

We recently reinitiated our Funnelcake experiment on November 18th from 00:00:00 – 23:59:59 PST.  As you may recall from last year’s effort, we:

Before we soon publish our latest findings, I want to take an opportunity to briefly articulate why Funnelcake is important within the Mozilla community.  Generally, we have just about zero visibility into the experience of new users of Firefox.  For example, did a new user enjoy a happy download and install process? did he/she continue to be satisfied a month later, six months later?

Funnelcake doesn’t specifically relate the attitudes of new Firefox users, but it does start to provide some structure around the answers to those questions.  Having some information around the potential pain points of new Firefox users, along with how such users behave (e.g., are they satisfied?) over a long period of time, is important knowledge not simply for marketers or statisticians, but for the general online population as a whole and for the Mozilla community in particular.

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  1. Rob Lord wrote on :

    Love the metrics + analysis. Keep them coming!

    One question: when you count Daily User (30 days) do you actually mean the user has run Firefox on each and every of the trailing 30 days?


  2. kkovash wrote on :


    thanks for the kind words. in regards to your question, our metric is “active daily users”, which means the number of active users on a particular date.