Firefox Surpassing 50% Market Share in More Regions

On top of today’s exceptional news about Firefox surpassing 20% worldwide market share during the month of November, we have further good news to share.  After Firefox reached the 50% market share milestone in Indonesia back in July, we can now say the same about two more regions: Slovenia and Macedonia.  Below you’ll find the November 2008 numbers according to Net Applications.

What’s the key takeaway here?

Our market share in the regions above has been growing like crazy.  For example, since our July announcement about Indonesia, we’ve seen Firefox’s share in Indonesia pick up another 7%, Slovenia 4%, Slovakia 5%, and the Philippines an astounding 13%!

A tremendous amount of credit here goes to the Mozilla community.  John Lilly summed it up best:  “The open web is more vibrant than ever, and the thousands of Mozilla contributors around the world have played a major role in making it that way.”

13 responses

  1. zbraniecki wrote on :

    It’s such a great news.

    And one other thing that I find interesting. For the first time, probably since somewhere… 1995 Windows dropped below 90% of the market share with MacOS and Linux rising to 10% together.

    I can still remember the day when IE dropped to 89%.

  2. Gen Kanai wrote on :

    Those numbers from the Philippines sound way high. Do we have a lot of confidence in them? If so, that’s great.

  3. Tomer Cohen wrote on :

    What about giving statistic information for more countries?

    Here in Israel we have a low market share for Firefox, mainly because website developers stick with IE-only development. In order to change this, we’ll need a marketing campaign which will expand our market share.

    Do you have any idea how we can change this?

  4. Ian M wrote on :

    Do you have a URL to those Net Applications statistics? (for the per-country market share, not the global market share).

  5. VictorCL wrote on :

    I hope IE6 dies soon.

  6. whoala wrote on :

    It’s because Indonesia has a data cap usage. AdBlock does make users better off.

    Lots of people are using 1GB per month.

  7. avbi wrote on :

    Im from slovenia, and i can say, lots of us here use firefox as companies main brower… All the tests for our web based app are based on ff and opera, maybe on 3rd place there comes ie6(ie7 still too rare or does not conform to enought standards…)

  8. fullmetaljacket wrote on :

    @gen kanai

    dont under estimate us. 😀

    im confident at those numbers, there are really alot of firefox users here in the philippines, believe me. 😉

  9. phradaka wrote on :

    @gen kanai

    i have to agree with fullmetaljacket. firefox users are increasing here in philippines. education and awareness are the key to encourage more users.

  10. Macedonian wrote on :

    Wooow. Macedonia holds second place in the world. I’m from Macedonia and this numbers are realistic. I thought that they are even higher.
    Way to go Firefox!

  11. Ryan Garaygay wrote on :

    Developing with ASP.NET but surfing with FF and considering FF even for development.

    Keep that thing stable, secure and fast on top of marketing efforts and your stats would get even higher.

    I’m from the Philippines and I’m not surprised.

    Keep it up.

  12. Kelso wrote on :

    Does anyone have a current stat for firefox usage?

  13. Eleazar wrote on :

    Firefox is the dominant browser in the Philippines but Google Chrome is fast catching up.