Showcasing Impact Mozilla Finalists, Part I

We’re super excited to see the Impact Mozilla voting now underway.  Given that it might be a little daunting reading through all the complete plans in a short amount of time, we’d like to aid the judging effort by showcasing all ten finalists over a series of posts.  The page can appear a bit crowded, so the goal here is to briefly summarize each plan in a more in-depth way.

In Part I of the series, we’ll look at two plans: “Fox for All” and “Surf on Your Own Turf” (plans will be showcased in random order over coming days).

Fox for All

“Fox for All” lays out a marketing strategy based on add-ons.  The two pillars of this plan are to improve the range and accessibility of add-ons and to devise a campaign popularizing the new approaches.  The team first conducted an online survey of approx. 1,000 internet users to gauge usage of Firefox and Firefox add-ons.  They then propose the creation of an online communication platform for add-on developers that would enable the creation of a “Packs” classification system.  Keeping in mind the interests of certain user segments (e.g., internet beginners, kids, senior citizens), this effort would group particular add-ons together, answering the add-on procurement problem and providing users with an optimal add-ons “Pack” via a single download click.

Furthering the adoption of add-ons among internet beginners, the team proposes an “Add-on Suggest” tool, which suggests several add-ons per day to the user with the browser (example image above).  Lastly, the plan details a “KiDevelopers” marketing contest aimed at high school kids.

Surf on Your Own Turf

“Surf on Your Own Turf” summarizes their plan with three recommended strategies/campaigns:

  • Help users customize their Firefox browser in the installation process. Installation Step 1 = select a browser theme, Step 2 = select favorite websites, Step 3 = select add-ons, Result = a personalized browser.
  • Create viral marketing campaigns that showcase the diversity of Firefox users on Firefox’s firstrun (install) page. This includes a user-generated viral video showcasing the diversity of the Firefox family and the ubiquity of Firefox.
  • Secure loyal users among university students by sponsoring browser customization contests. More specifically, it would entail a national contest inviting different schools to design their own school-branded Firefox Persona (themes/skins) and the contest winner would be determined by the Persona with the greatest number of users.

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  1. monk.e.boy wrote on :

    >> the contest winner would be determined by the Persona with the greatest number of users

    Ouch! So unfair! Small schools are far better than big schools, why punish them? How about a percentage of students?