Showcasing Impact Mozilla Finalists, Part III

Continuing our series, here is Part III.  Please remember that you can view all ten Impact Mozilla finalists at, and make sure to check out Part I and Part II of our series.  (Thanks to Laura Mesa for crafting the summaries below.)

What’s your add-on?

“What’s your add-on” is a plan focused around add-on strategies, and it proposes two initial tactics:

  1. Helping new users find the add-on they can’t live without.
  2. Creating a tool that allows existing users/lapsed users to share their add-ons with one another.

The group wants to create a welcome page (instead of a First Run page) that organizes add-ons by genre/type and serves to increase awareness and drive conversion of add-ons for first-time users.  Secondly, the plan sets out to design a campaign micro-site that helps users participate in community action, involve their friends and share their favorite add-ons. This site would also allow users to create avatars that they can send to their friends to share/encourage add-on downloads and use of add-ons.

La Conexión de Mozilla

“La Conexión de Mozilla” is a marketing plan that wants to make it easier for users in developing countries, specifically in those countries that are very dependent of internet cafes for internet access, to become familiar with and to use Firefox. The plan suggests creating a test-campaign in a single country within South America — specifically Paraguay.

The vision would be for two Mozilla representatives to travel a through the major and minor cities, visiting internet cafes and establishing relationships with cafe owners. The representatives would get permission to alter the computers so that each machine has Firefox as the only browser option on the desktop.  Owners of the cafe would be given Firefox merchandise to display in his cafe and to give away as they choose.

The representatives would try and create communities for the internet cafe owners as well as for the users in each city/region. The entire adventure would be blogged so that the entire Mozilla community can follow along as progress is made.

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  1. Ryan Scott Scheel wrote on :

    Not that you have any power over the finalists, why is it that the goal is to make Firefox the *only* browser on the computers? Shouldn’t choice still be an option?