Showcasing Impact Mozilla Finalists, Part V

Last but not least, this is Part V in our five-part series showcasing the Impact Mozilla finalists.  Please visit to cast your vote today!


The “Microcampaigns” plan succinctly summarizes its strategy: “To leverage the most powerful asset of the Mozilla projects: its community, to improve the relevance of Firefox as a product.”  To accomplish this, the plan proposes microcampaigns, which are marketing campaigns crafted by an individual or group of individuals (the microcampaign leader) with a very small target population (usually 10 – 500 potential users) that share a common interest or need with the microcampaign leader.

The plan points out that, ideally, the leader will have previously found ways to make Firefox help him/her with these needs and interests, and the leader would then be able to share it with the target population.  Making microcampaigns more tangible and real, two use cases are shared, including Mike, a gym member, and Theresa, mother of a 10-year old son.

How Do You Firefox?

“How Do You Firefox?” campaign engages users to start talking about their browsing habits.  The plan outlines its campaign structure as follows:

  1. We identify key influencers from the Firefox Facebook group
  2. They create profiles and video vignettes about themselves and their favorite Firefox add-ons on a Firefox microsite
  3. Users spread the word about their profiles
  4. Ads on Facebook will drive to our Firefox microsite
  5. Friends of profiled users view profiles and create their own, while also learning about Firefox
  6. Download process is streamlined
  7. Result: Increase installation and usage of Firefox browser

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