Firefox’s Adoption Funnel (II)

We wanted to share a quick update on a recent conversation regarding Firefox’s conversion and adoption funnel.  As an initial follow-up, Blake highlighted an experiment and a resulting set of simple speed changes to Mozilla’s web properties that will drive 60,000,000 incremental downloads of Firefox (annually).  And then just this week, we ran a different experiment – a test of download speeds, i.e., after a person clicks the Firefox download button, how does the wait time for getting the full file affect that person’s propensity to stick around and complete the download process?

We look forward to soon sharing the methodology, data, results, and implications from this latest experiment.  Stay tuned!

(image attributable to under a creative commons license.)

3 responses

  1. another_sam wrote on :

    just wanted to share. do you monitor which preferences are changed by the people? knowing which preferences are less modified from the defaults would allow you to remove them from the GUI, thus simplyfing it, thus optimizing the overall UX.

    regards !

  2. another_sam wrote on :

    oh, and complementarily, detecting top frequently tweaked about:config’s preferences could allow you to promote that preferences to GUI.

  3. Christoph wrote on :

    after over a year I would be really interested in seeing the results of the study.