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Congratulations, Chrome Users

We’re glad to see that Google has taken the next step in their commitment to Do Not Track.

Now that all the major browsers have their DNT implementations well underway, it’s time for advertisers and publishers to do their part, including Google’s own ad folks. While some publishers like Twitter and the Associated Press respect users with DNT enabled, and many independent ad tech companies have done so, as well, there is not yet widespread support. Everyone will soon be able to express their tracking preference, so we eagerly look forward to the day when people can trust that their privacy choices will be honored as they browse the Web.

It’s also noteworthy that Google and Microsoft have decided to implement their own user interfaces for Do Not Track. Mozilla is currently working on the second release of Do Not Track within Firefox, and we remain the only mobile browser to support it. With all these different UI experiments, users have many good options for privacy in their browser of choice and we’ll be able to more quickly determine which approaches best meet users’ expectations.

Alex Fowler