Articles in “Do Not Track”

Firefox getting smarter about third-party cookies

Mozilla has a long running interest in fostering greater transparency, trust and accountability related to privacy and the many cookie-based practices we see today. On Friday, Mozilla released a Firefox patch into its “Nightly” channel that changes how cookies from … Read more

Congratulations, Chrome Users

We’re glad to see that Google has taken the next step in their commitment to Do Not Track. Now that all the major browsers have their DNT implementations well underway, it’s time for advertisers and publishers to do their part, … Read more

Do Not Track is for Email Too

The guiding principles behind Do Not Track aren’t just for web browsers and pages. Tracking happens in a variety of ways, including through email, so we’re putting Do Not Track into Thunderbird. Email Tracking. Sometimes email messages you receive contain … Read more

Zeroing in on DNT:1

In DC, sixty representatives from diverse groups sat together for three days this week and continued the hard work of defining a Do Not Track standard we can all live with. With contributors from the major web browser makers, many … Read more

Mozilla Led Effort for DNT Finds Broad Support

We’re excited to see the White House and Commerce Department unveil their much-anticipated consumer privacy white paper and call for a Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights today. The team there put a tremendous amount of work into gathering public input … Read more