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Mozilla’s new Do Not Track dashboard: Firefox users continue to seek out and enable DNT

Mozilla is pleased to release a new interactive metrics page reporting monthly data on user adoption of Do Not Track (DNT) within Firefox. We’re making this data public both because it’s part of our mission and because we know there’s strong interest in the topic.

Currently, DNT adoption in the U.S. Firefox user base is approximately 17 percent. Globally, the average is around 11 percent. Based on these percentages, we estimate that our users send more than 135 million DNT signals every day — more than four trillion DNT signals every month.

The new page has interactive graphs that show the overall adoption curve for Firefox (desktop) and Firefox for Android (mobile), as well as two maps to provide a view into regional differences of adoption around the world.

Note that no Firefox user is tracked to generate data for these metrics. Every 24 hours, both Firefox and Firefox for Android automatically download the latest list of insecure add-ons and/or extensions to disable as part of our blocklist service. As a DNT signal is included in all requests made by the browser of a user who has turned DNT on, we can count the number of times we see the signal. No other information is logged on our servers. Anyone with a website and access to a web server can start counting how many users are sending DNT:1, which is how the signal is expressed via HTTP requests.